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IT Strategy

Technical Architecture

A secure, expandable architecture is a pre-requisite for robust IT infrastructure. CPMC has a team of world-class experts in IT Security, BCP/DR and ITSM as well as specialist areas such as networking, servers and storage.


Like any architectural discipline, what distinguishes the good from the mediocre is attention to detail. Our architects are painstaking: our design documents stand up to very close scrutiny. Our subject-matter experts work closely with our client’s technical teams to ensure that the full stack of technologies is aligned.

Satisfaction Facility

We start at the data centre, ensuring that the facility our clients choose or build is adequate for the downtimes the business considers acceptable.

Comprehensive Planning

We next turn to the network design, making sure that security, bandwidth and redundancy are aligned with business goals and requirements. We are keenly aware that our clients operate in a very tight regulatory environment, and we know which standards will make the regulatory grade.

High Compatibility

Most of our clients use a combination of virtual servers running on an internal cloud, with dedicated physical servers for mission-critical applications. We assess the technologies available and recommend on the best mixture.

Professional Advisory

We advise on appropriate services to support applications. Most of our clients need a range of applications that no single vendor or platform can easily deliver: we help our clients through the selection process, advising on the trade-offs that must be made to deliver a working solution at an economic price.

Transition Plan

Finally, we map our client’s n-tier applications on to the new architecture, ensuring that the transition plan will minimise risk.

Data Centres and Cloud Computing

Data centres are a major investment whether building a new from scratch or moving into a multi-tenant data centre. CPMC helps both data centre providers and end-users choose well.

Data Centres

With our Uptime Institute certified Accredited Tier Designer, we understand two very different types of engineering: the engineering that goes into networks, servers and storage, and the engineering that goes into keeping your IT estate in a secure, high-availability environment.

Cloud Computing

Data Centres are and will remain vital for a company’s core applications. However, many applications are massively oversized in both production and BCP/DR environments leading to escalating costs. We have managed the migration of IT estates to both private and public clouds, leading to strategic advantages and realising significant cost savings.

Striking the Balance

Which applications and services to locate in the Data Centre, and which in the Cloud? CPMC has developed a simple methodology to help clients decide.

Project Management

It’s all about delivery. Once we have determined the strategy, designed the architecture and right-sized your data centre and cloud requirements, building or transitioning the IT what we do best.

Project management is about people, and our project managers are the A Team. We have delivered projects from simple data centre moves to US$25M bank transformation projects involving multiple vendors in a programme.

Our focus is on vendor management: we write the bid documents, evaluate the vendors’ bids (based on pre-determined scoring schemes), negotiate the contracts, and ensure that the vendors’ own project managers are aligned with our own, and with each other. We stay with your from project definition to closure and handover. Our approach has often resulted in six- and seven-figure US$ savings in overall project costs.

Saying that our projects are on-time and on-budget is basic competence. What matters is that they add value to our client’s business. That’s what we do, and that’s what we take pride in.